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Friday, March 17, 2006

Pandemic Studios on Revolution

Today IGN posted an interview with a member of Pandemic Studios, the company best known for Full Spectrum Warrior and Star Wars Battlefront, about the Nintendo Revolution and their plans for the system. Check out a little snippet from the interview then follow the link for the full article. IGN Revolution: What do you think of Nintendo’s Revolution controller? Greg Borrud: Everyone around here is pretty excited about it. We’ve just started thinking about how we could use it with our games and there are a lot of interesting ideas that are coming up. I think the new controller has huge potential to push games in more exciting directions than just having better graphics. That said - I’m hoping the controller will prove more than a novelty. It remains to be seen if it can play like a traditional controller while offering all the unique aspects that make it so attractive. I think it will need to be able to do both well or else it could become regarded as a niche product.


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