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Monday, March 20, 2006

Nintendo Metroid Prime Hunters/Tetris DS Press Release

REDMOND, Wash., March 20 /PRNewswire/ — Nintendo’s wireless gaming service welcomes two incredible new games that will raise the level of competition to dramatic new levels. Metroid(R) Prime Hunters is Nintendo’s first real first-person shooter for Nintendo DS(TM), while Tetris(R) DS features classic puzzle action remixed with retro Nintendo themes. Both games launch today, and both are playable on Nintendo(R) Wi-Fi Connection, Nintendo’s wireless gaming service. Together they reinforce Nintendo’s commitment to making games that appeal to both hard-core and casual gamers.

“These two games really showcase the range of abilities of the world’s favorite new portable game system,” says George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. “They will further help drive Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as the hottest Wi-Fi format ever introduced to games.” In Metroid Prime Hunters, the legendary Metroid franchise continues with new hunters, new abilities, new weapons and new alternate forms. Withworldwide Wi-Fi connectivity, there’s always a band of hunters eager to challenge a player’s skills. Metroid Prime Hunters is also the first Nintendo DS game to offer real-time voice chat, letting players talk to one another before and after they face off in a multiplayer match. The chat technology functions much like a two-way radio and lets players intimidate opponents with some friendly trash talk. With this free service, players who have exchanged their Nintendo DS friend codes can converse through Nintendo DS across the Americas. Players must be logged on to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to use the chat feature.

Metroid Prime Hunters lets players battle in more than 20 action-packed arenas across seven multiplayer modes, including Battle, Capture, Bounty, Survival, Defender and Nodes, as well as the exciting Prime Hunter mode, where players battle to become the most powerful hunter in the arena. New hunters join the Metroid universe, including Trace, Sylux, Noxus, Spire,Kanden and Weavel, all battling against Samus in both single-player and multiplayer games. Each new hunter has a unique background, fighting style and individual alt forms to match up against Samus’ Morphball.

Not to be outdone, Tetris DS includes six modes, each based on a theme from a famous Nintendo character or game. The classic block-building game finds new ways to entertain. Some of the modes make use of the Nintendo DS touch screen. Newcomers and longtime fans alike will find new surprises. Using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, up to four players compete in two- orfour-player battles against friends or strangers. And with just one game card, up to 10 players can clash using DS Download Play.


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