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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Metroid Prime Hunters is in my Hands!

Finally, three days after launch, Metroid Prime Hunters is in my hands! My bro picked it up for me while he was at work since my pre-order still hadn't shipped. It's funny how I pre-order it from, online fromWal-Mart but then ended up just picking it up at the store. Crazy stuff. I managed to squeeze in some singleplayer play and also played a few online matches. I just have one thing to say, THIS GAME KICKS BASS! The graphics in the game are incredibly detailed, and aiming with the touch screen is almost as good as the old keyboard and mouse. Although I'll hold off on my final impressions till I review in around a week, I'd just like to say that Hunters online totally blows away Mario Kart, it's that good. Also I took plenty of pictures of me opening the the package and will make up a documentary for the new site when it launches.


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