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Saturday, March 18, 2006

IGN Metroid Prime Hunters Hands On

Every little bit I see of this game it makes me drool so badly that the second floor is the only livible place in my house. This new hands on and video footage, from IGN, made it even worse. Now as you read this I am currently trapped in my attic waiting for rescue workers to break me out.

Craig Harris from IGN gave a basic run down of the game in the preview, talking on things such as controls, gameplay, and of course the games marvelous graphics. Craig Harris is quoted as saying "Many people put the Nintendo DS up around the Nintendo 64 capabilities, but honestly, I can't recall any N64 game looking this good". Mighty strong words, especially for a system being called by many "underpowered".

Click the link below to check out the full preview and also 10 minutes of direct feed footage. I personally held back on watching some of the footage just not to spoil anything. ;) I'll have a review up sometime early next month.


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