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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Satoru Iwata Making GDC Keynote.

The rumors have been flying that Iwata would be at GDC and reveal new Revolution details and confirmation has come that he will be making a keynote. Wether he actually will reveal Revolution details or not is unknown but chances are fairly likely. The speach will be called "Disrupting Development". You can see the summery below. Platform Keynote: Disrupting Development San Jose (U.S.A. - California) Thursday, March 23 - 10:30am to 11:30am Australian Times Friday, March 24 - WA 2:30am, NT 4am, QLD 4:30am, SA 5am, ACT/NSW/TAS/VIC 5:30am Satoru Iwata President, Nintendo Co., Ltd. This year will see the arrival of more new portable and home game systems, and outside attention remains predictably focused on technical specifications and processing muscle. This is not trivial; but also not newsworthy. After all, every new system is more powerful than its predecessor. Developers know what drives the video game business. It is our work. We are the creators, the innovators, the entertainers. We understand that people who imagine things, even more than the people who engineer them, are the key to reaching players. Unfortunately, the application of imagination is getting more and more difficult. Larger games require more hours, more manpower, and a lot more money. And as budgets rise, the appetite for risk falls. As Nintendo has demonstrated with Nintendo DS, our goal is to expand the industry to new players—and to surprise existing players. In Disrupting Development, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will reveal the backstory of how a string of recent disruptive products from Nintendo—the Nintendo DS, the “brain-training” games, and Nintendo WiFi Connection—surprised the market. He will share his thoughts on the role the forthcoming Nintendo Revolution will play in the console world, and how he believes that, in the process, the possibilities for every game developer will be dramatically increased. Biography Satoru Iwata is the president of Nintendo Co., Ltd. He was born in 1959 in the Hokkaido Prefecture of Japan. He studied at and graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Technology University, where he majored in computer science. Shortly after graduating, Iwata joined HAL Laboratory, Inc. and in 1983 began coordinating the software production and development of Nintendo titles, such as the Kirby series. By 1993, he had become president of that company. In 2000, Iwata moved to Nintendo Co., Ltd. as the head of the Corporate Planning Division, where he was responsible for Nintendo’s global corporate planning. In 2002, he was named president of Nintendo Co., Ltd. Stay tuned to Revo-News for more news as it surfaces.


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