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Monday, February 13, 2006

New Revolution Game Announced.

Today Blitz games announced that they have signed a deal with a major publisher and are working on a brand new Revolution game. The company which has developed games such as Glover 64 and Pac-man World 3 said that details will be announced by the publisher "soon". The co-founder and development director Andrew Oliver said "We're genuinely very excited to be working on the Revolution. Nintendo's innovation over the years has trail blazed new concepts and the new controller is no exception. It will give people new ways to play existing genres but moreover we hope it will spawn altogether new gaming experiences." The CEO of the company Philip Oliver also had this to say "This latest addition to our portfolio clearly signals that Blitz is one of the few major developers with the capability and technology to work on both next and current generation titles simultaneously. Our strategy of a fully featured, well structured tool chain and cross platform engine has really paid off and we are quickly able to incorporate these new platforms with relative ease making our development faster and more efficient." The company is currently working on a game for the Xbox 360 called Possesion. It is not know if the Revolution project is related to the game or if it is an entirely new franchise. Stay tuned to Revo-News for more information on this mysterious title as it is released.


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