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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Behind the Controler Second Edition.

It's that time of the week again, time to post another edition of "Behind the Controller". In this edition I will explain how a boxing game could work using the controller. So site back and enjoy.

Ultimate Revolution game: Super Boxing Boxing game concept by Linkman2004
Gameplay: Gameplay will be basically the same as any normal boxing but instead will use the unique abilities of the Revolution controller extensively. The player will have two controllers one in each hand each acting as a boxing glove. To punch all you do is jab one or both of the controllers forward and depending on where you punch with the controllers in real life will determine where you punch in the game. To block other players shots move one or both of the gloves in front of his glove to deflect his blow. Movement will be handled with the d-pads. Tapping left or right on the left d-pad will have you hop around your opponent while holding them down will have you strafe around them. Same goes for up and down, tapping will make you hop forward or back, and holding will make you just plain walk. If you use the right d-pad it will do the same thing except instead of hopping around your opponent you will instead just strafe from left to right or forward and back. If you are knocked to the ground you must move the controllers in such a way you would move your hands to get up if you were knocked down in real life. Of course if you would rather do kick boxing the game will come with two straps to attach controllers to both of your legs. To kick simply make a kicking motion with one of your legs. All movement will still be handled with the d-pads in your hand but instead of just being able to punch you could add kicking into the mix. (c)2006 by linkman2004. _____________________________________________________ Well I hope you enjoyed this edition of Behind the Controller. Remember to come back next Saturday to see the next edition, but until then See ya.


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